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IV Hydration Therapy Provided On-Site In Our Beautiful Mobile Spa
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The Rejuvenator
Detox and refresh yourself from the inside out.

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The Voyager
Increase energy, fight fatigue, and boost immunity.

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The Warrior
Quickly hydrate and replace critical electrolytes and fluids.

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The Recuperater
Recover from a night of overindulgence.

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Hydration Rejuvenation is a unique “spa inspired” mobile service that provides IV hydration and vitamin therapy. We provide custom IV vitamin drips that address many different health needs, goals, and concerns.
Replenish, Recover and Restore your body in our beautifully designed mobile spa. We serve everyone from extreme athletes to stay at home moms. Whether you’re looking for more energy, healthier skin, immediate hydration, or fast recovery from a late night out, we have what you need. Whatever the situation, we provide the solution.


Hydration Rejuvenation is a mobile spa that brings the benefits of IV therapy to you and your events. We are available for a variety of large and small events throughout Florida, including Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. Please CALL (888) 220-3747 or CONTACT us today to pre-purchase your service at a discounted price up to 72 hours prior to start date of the following scheduled events:
Michelob ULTRA 13.1 Marathon November 15, 2015
EAU Palm Beach Marathon December 4, 5, & 6, 2015
Jingle Bells & Barbells December 12th
Miami Marathon January 24, 2016


Why are so many people choosing IV hydration therapy?

The fastest, most effective way to safely deliver fluids, vitamins and other vital nutrients directly into the blood stream for maximum absorption is intravenously. Our body does not get everything it needs from food alone. IV hydration therapy allows your body to absorb 100% of the nutrients in the drip as compared to only 10-55% absorption with nutrients taken orally. IV vitamin therapy bypasses the liver and digestive system and provides you with the nutrients your body needs to nourish itself at the cellular level.

IV therapy can be used proactively to increase energy, decrease stress, increase immunity and improve athletic performance. The anti-aging benefits of IV hydration are numerous including skin rejuvenation and recovery from the detrimental effects of the sun and smoking. IV hydration therapy quickly replaces fluids, electrolytes and vital nutrients, making it a great hangover recovery solution.

In addition, IV therapy is used reactively by athletic competitors to quickly rehydrate, boost energy and support muscle recovery. IV therapy replenishes the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal performance, health, and happiness.

The Voyager

Packed with high doses of C and B complex vitamins, The Voyager is designed to improve your health and wellness. This blend is essential for optimal health, especially in today’s busy world. Whether you are a busy traveler, work long hours, seem to always be on the go, or feel you need to jumpstart your immune system, this is the IV therapy for you.

      • Boost immunity
      • Increase energy
      • Fight fatigue
The Recuperater

After a night of overindulgence from entertaining clients, partying with friends, or a weekend bachelor or bachelorette party, The Recuperater is the perfect way to quickly replace fluids and valuable electrolytes critical to your recovery. Hangover symptoms are primarily caused by dehydration and the side effects from the sugar and alcohol in our drinks. The Recuperater is the most effective solution for a hangover.

    • • Flush toxins
    • • Increase energy
    • • Reverse the side effects of a hangover


A: Yes. If you’re an athlete, competitor, jet lagged, busy executive, have damaged skin, feeling run down, dehydrated, party too much, or just need a boost, then this is for you.
A: Yes. We practice all possible safety procedures to mitigate any potential situation. We use the same ingredients and equipment that can be found in any medical facility.
A: All IV’s are administered by licensed Firefighter/Paramedic’s and Nurses. Our professional staff has years of experience performing this service.
A: There may initially be a minor level of discomfort for some people and none for others. However, it is generally gone within a minute or two. We pride ourselves in doing everything to make the experience as pleasant and painless as possible.
A: Approximately 30 minutes or less.
A: Definitely. If you are “hung over” after a long night out you need to replace vital nutrients, electrolytes, and fluids. Alcohol dehydrates the body causing problems like headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. So, hydrate and recuperate.


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